Essential Tools to Keep Your Artificial Turf in Great Condition

Synthetic front garden and backyard lawn installations have increased exponentially over recent years, and homeowners across the nation have started to educate themselves in the fine art of artificial grass maintenance techniques. Since faux turf offers a dazzlingly verdant grass surface all year long, many people who are new to synthetics assume that there is no maintenance work to be done. While this is true for the majority of the time, there are a few basic duties you can do every now and again that will ensure you get the most from your newly-installed artificial grass area. The majority of these chores will only take a small amount of time to carry out, but this will be nothing compared to the hours of backbreaking and exhausting work you would have to do with natural grass!

Here is a list of indispensable items you should possess so you can keep your artificial turf in stunning shape for years to come.

Power Washer/Garden Hose: Due to how common it is to spy random clods of dirt, dust, mud, and food and drink spillages on fake grass areas, the preferable method of eradicating such detritus is via the use of a power washer or garden hose. Whenever you feel the need to quickly blast away the debris, a few short, sharp bursts of quality H2O can cleanse the spot swiftly.

Leaf Blower: Another great tool for eliminating the presence of all sorts of accumulated junk, a leaf blower removes more than just leaves. It can also shoo away tiny stones, small twigs, branches and even solid pet waste. Some mock lawn owners even go so far as to use a mini vacuum cleaner for the job!

Rake: This is a requisite for tidying up any imitation lawn area that gets covered in debris, such as dead leaves, pine cones, loose twigs, and other random garden-related refuse that has collected.

Stiff Bristled Broom: This kind of broom is an excellent utensil for “fluffing up” any high traffic synthetic grass areas that look downtrodden, flat or a little under-the-weather. This makes your lawn look a little more lush, leafy and fertile.

Artificial Turf Broom: If you want even better results, this specially-made broom boasts long nylon tines that offer improved fluffing. By utilizing short strokes over the area in question, the prongs drag and pull the blades vertically. This action provides “maximum upright flourishment,” so faux grass blades look as good as new!

Turf Sanitizer Products: By cleansing and disinfecting your artificial turf area on a regular basis, you can both hinder and eradicate the growth of bacteria and fungi that causes bad odors and skin allergies. Available at local supply stores as well as online, sanitizers do not stain or tarnish your artificial lawn surface, while at the same time keeping your grass area free from gardening pests.

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